Department of English was founded in 1991 and has grown in a short period of time into one of the leading departments at the Islamic University with very large number of applicants each year. English has always been a strong teaching department, one committed to the symbiotic relationship of teaching, research and the larger concerns of society. Most of the faculties of the department primarily specialize in English and secondarily either in
literature or in Linguistics.


The department structures its academic programs historically, a practice that has readily accommodated changes reflecting the current trends in English studies. Entirely new areas of study such as Postcolonial literature, Feminist literature, Cultural Studies, EPP and ELT have been added to the curriculum. Even in courses with the most traditional titles such as Shakespeare or the Victorian novel, the selection of texts as well as the way they are taught undergoes regular reassessment and alteration. So too does the department’s effort to improve the quality of the communication skills of the many students it teaches. In less obvious, but perhaps even more important ways, members of the department bring their interdisciplinary interests to their English courses, addressing such areas as the relationship between English literature and literature in other languages; literature and the other arts, history and philosophy; and the nature of literary language. The Department is a young one but is actively involved in research programs in different relevant areas. It offers a stimulating environment to study English through M Phil courses leading to PhD degree.

Alongside, the faculties and researchers contribute to the English studies by publishing research articles and papers in the Departmental research journal as elsewhere. In all, the department’s avowed mission is to study, create and teach spoken, written and other sorts of communication practices and texts in social, personal, academic and professional communities—and to inspire others to do likewise.

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