The Master of Arts (MA) in in English programme in the Department of English at Islamic University is designed to address these changes in the study of literature and culture. The programme offers courses on literature and Cultural Studies, field-work based research, and dissertation so as to enhance students’ interpretive and creative skills.

The Master of Arts (MA) in English generally intends to broaden students’ exposure to the discursive and applied aspects of the study of literature in English and Cultural Studies. This programme is specifically designed to create active workforce,
equipped with skills and sensibility to approach, appreciate, evaluate and produce literary and cultural discourses and, thus, to contribute significantly to the art and politics of signification.

Intended Learning Outcomes of the programs:
After completing the postgraduate program, the students would be able to
• plan, design and conduct independent research
• acquire wider knowledge in their area of specialization and make sense of contemporary technology-based society and culture
• foster a vibrant intellectual community
• explore their career possibility


The MA in English has been designed to provide advanced level knowledge of English for fresh graduates and mid level career professionals eager to update their English skills. The purpose of this program is to provide every student with the opportunity to develop the maximum degree of functional competence in English. Basic objectives include:

1. To help students build up a good personality through their communicative competence in English language.

2. To help the students with English grammar and vocabulary

3. To help teachers make improvements in English so that they can upgrade their pedagogy, cater for the different needs of their students and facilitate their students to learn effectively.

4. To help students develop their positive self-image, build up their confidence in their studies and do well academically.

5. To enable students understand any reading material written in English such as newspapers, journals, technical information.

6. To enhance the writing skill in English so that the student can correspond and share information in a correct and effective way.
7. To enable the students speak English effectively and develop pronunciation and conversation strategy.
8. To enable the students listen to and understand English spoken by the native and non-native speakers.
9. To equip the students with the technical knowledge needed for using English in professional purposes.

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